Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our trip to the mountains with Maurice and Corey

On Saturday after our chores Mark and I took Maurice and Corey up to the was snowing softly and so we got out of the car and played in the snow for abit..was just so beautiful just watching the snow fall all around us and even though it was cold the sun was out and you could feel abit of the warmth on your body..
Corey was running around so much he decided to take his jumper off and run around in the you can tell by the photos..

 I love the snow that just settled on to the rocks it looked so beautiful and peaceful..
 Corey didn't lie down for too long because he was feeling the cold..I think he tried to make a snow angelllol
 No way was I going to take my hood off..mind you underneath the coat I had about 4 layers of clothing..
My snow man was soooo small..Mark told me to make it on the

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